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The Evolution of Bonang Matheba’s Style: From TV Host to Fashion Icon

veniamin vogue
Instagram: bonang_m

Bonang Matheba, fondly known as Queen B, has become a staple in the fashion industry, both in Africa and globally. Her journey from a young TV presenter to a fashion icon is a testament to her impeccable style and influence.

Early Career: The Beginnings of a Fashion Journey

Bonang's fashion journey began in her teenage years as a presenter on shows like "Manhattan's Fantasy Challenge" and "Live" on SABC1. Her role on "Live" significantly boosted her profile, showcasing her fashion-forward choices on national television​.

veniamin vogue
Instagram: bonang_m

Red Carpet Queen: Defining Moments

Bonang's red carpet appearances are legendary. She has consistently stunned audiences with her bold fashion choices. Notable moments include her various looks at the Miss South Africa pageants, where she donned gowns by designers like Fouad Sarkis and Steven Khalil​.

One particularly memorable outfit was a striking red off-the-shoulder gown with an extended train and a 3D butterfly headpiece by Odd Commodities NY at the 2018 Miss South Africa pageant​.

Fashion Collaborations and Entrepreneurship

Beyond wearing designer pieces, Bonang has made significant contributions to fashion through collaborations and her ventures. She launched her luxury lingerie line, "Bonang for Distraction," with Woolworths in 2014, which reflects her sophisticated style​. Additionally, her champagne brand, House of BNG, further cements her status as a business mogul in the fashion and luxury industry​.

Global Influence: Taking African Fashion Worldwide

Bonang's influence extends beyond African borders. Her debut at Paris Fashion Week in 2023 was a watershed moment in her career, where she walked for L'Oréal Paris, showcasing her global fashion appeal​.

veniamin vogue
Instagram: bonang_m

Style Tips from Bonang

  1. Embrace Boldness: Bonang is known for her bold fashion choices. Don’t shy away from vibrant colors and dramatic silhouettes.

  2. Support Local Designers: Many of Bonang’s iconic looks are by African designers. Supporting local talent can help you discover unique pieces that reflect your culture.

  3. Mix High and Low Fashion: Bonang skillfully mixes luxury items with more affordable pieces, creating a balanced and stylish look.

Bonang Matheba's style evolution is a source of inspiration for many fashion enthusiasts. From her early TV days to becoming an international fashion icon, she has consistently pushed the boundaries of fashion, showcasing the richness of African design. Whether on the red carpet or through her entrepreneurial ventures, Bonang continues to influence the fashion world, one stunning look at a time.

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