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Zimbabwean Fashion Influencers to Watch in 2024

Zimbabwean fashion influencers are making significant waves in the fashion industry, both locally and internationally. These influencers are not just style icons but also trendsetters and advocates for African fashion. Here are some Zimbabwean fashion influencers who are shaping the fashion scene in 2024.

Veniamin Vogue
Instagram: ammarabrown

1. Ammara Brown

  • Singer and Fashion Icon: Ammara Brown, known for her vibrant music career, is also celebrated for her eclectic and bold fashion sense. She effortlessly blends traditional African attire with modern styles, making her a standout figure in Zimbabwean fashion.

  • Signature Style: Her wardrobe is a mix of vibrant prints, bold accessories, and contemporary designs, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Zimbabwe in a modern context.

2. Kim Jayde

Veniamin Vogue
Instagram: kimjayde
  • Model and TV Presenter: Kim Jayde is a prominent Zimbabwean model and television presenter based in South Africa. Her fashion sense is sophisticated and trendy, often seen in high-fashion editorials and on red carpets.

  • Influence: With a substantial following on social media, Kim Jayde uses her platform to highlight African designers and promote body positivity.

Veniamin Vogue
Instagram: nyasha_matonhodze

3. Nyasha Matonhodze

  • International Model: Nyasha Matonhodze has walked for top fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Burberry. Her career in the international modeling scene has made her a fashion icon and an inspiration for many young Zimbabweans.

  • Style: Her style is elegant and chic, often featuring high-end designer pieces and classic silhouettes.

How These Influencers Shape Fashion Trends

  • Promotion of Local Designers: These influencers frequently wear and promote Zimbabwean designers, helping to bring local talent into the spotlight.

  • Cultural Fusion: They blend traditional and modern fashion, creating unique styles that resonate with a broad audience.

  • Advocacy: Many of these influencers use their platforms to advocate for sustainability, inclusivity, and body positivity in fashion.

Zimbabwean fashion influencers like Ammara Brown, Kim Jayde, and Nyasha Matonhodze are not only style icons but also powerful advocates for African fashion. They are shaping trends, promoting local designers, and inspiring a new generation of fashion enthusiasts.

For more updates on Zimbabwean fashion influencers and trends, stay tuned to Veniamin Vogue. Shop on our website for the latest fashion items and trendy wear.



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